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Local Government Application Portal

Online aplication platform for your local government organisation

Modern, powerful, ready-to-deploy and highly customisable portal solution to move your local government organisation from paper applications into online digital environment.
  • Efficient and low-cost transitioning process
  • Immediate benefits to residents and local businesses
  • Significant cost savings for your council
  • Fast Return on Investment - pays payback within several months (see Payback Calculator)
  • Application forms of any complexity - from small service enquiries to multi-form collaborative approvals
  • All projects are supervised by a dedicated team of digital transitioning specialists - solution architects, usability experts, graphic designers and form developers
  • Available on Cloud and can be deployed as Enterprise solution on your IT infrastructure

Advanced Form Discovery

  • Designed to minimise the number of steps when searching for a form
  • Innovative keyword-based search alogorithms
  • Allows to reuse previous searches
  • Find form as per previous submissions

Saves Time and Enhances Usability

  • Supports anonymous and registered applicants
  • Application can be started on one device (e.g. mobile) and continued on another later
  • Maximum data reuse using profles and previously submitted applications
  • Payment is an integral part of application submission
  • No data loss, no matter what happens

Real-Time Tracking of Application Status

  • View status of applications 24X7
  • Eliminates significant portion of time allocated to handling of customer enquiries
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