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TransForm Cloud

Scalable Smart eForms Platform as a Service

TransForm Cloud is a mission-critical hosting platform with specialist managed infrastructure and support services designed to give an extended support to enterprises.
There are numerous advantages to a cloud based resourcing approach including ownership cost savings and improved infrastructure flexibility and scalability.
TransForm Cloud eliminates the need and cost associated with software upgrades and reduces the risk of potential data loss.
Take advantage of virtually unlimited accessibility provided by TransForm Cloud. If your organisation requires 24/7 application management and support or outsourcing, then TransForm Cloud is the answer.
Contact us for an obligation free assessment on how this powerful platform and hosting service can benefit your organisation.
Fifth Ocean Technologies is dedicated to navigating business enterprises and government agencies in their journey of digital tranformation.


P: 1300 674 090


  • 24/7 365 days a year availability
  • Fully scalable resource
  • Guaranteed performance Service Level Agreement based standards
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Service Management Reporting
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Web Browser and Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Security Compliance and Management
  • Capacity planning, monitoring and assurance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Maintains the brand and look-and-feel of your organisation
  • Every function of TransForm Engine is avaliable on a 1st day
  • Every base solution, such as eCareers, can be turned on upon your request
  • Every base application, such as Seminar Registration, can be deployed by yourself
  • Every re-usable template and workflow can be included into your business processes
  • All functions are provided with simple monthly plan
TransForm Cloud has been designed to provide ongoing resourcing and supplement existing infrastructure in an organisation. Coupled with FifthOcean team expertise TransForm Cloud can make sure that the following key factors of success become part of your digital transformation process:

Low Implementation Costs

  • Visual, logic-driven implementation processes
  • Allocation of 90-95% of time and budget on business logic and usability
  • Spending only 5-10% on expensive software development (mostly integration)

Performance, Availability and Reliability

  • Utilizes specialized parallel computing algorithms to bring response times to a minimum (down to an average 45 milliseconds on each interaction)
  • Designed to ensure that no data losses occur for any single interaction due to logical, network or physical failure on customer, organisation or hosting provider side

Zero Risk Delivery approach

  • Joining world-class expertise in moving federal, state and local government agencies from paper-based processes to digital platforms
  • Providing incremental, weekly-based release of new functions to allow for continuous improvement of business processes
  • Fast return on technology investment

Low Operational Costs

  • Using world's best, standards based open-source frameworks
  • Low-cost licensing and maintenance model
  • Ability to be deployed in any Standard Operating Environment, supporting both cloud and in-house configurations
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