Improving consumer experience and boosting profitability


The fast advances in digital technology, mobility and social media have presented organisations with the challenge of meeting high consumer expectations. Customers expect streamlined, consistent and easy-to-navigate experiences across all digital channels. Many organisations have started their digital transformation journey to address these changing patterns and increase consumer engagement.

Well executed digital transformation changes the foundations of a business providing greater competitive advantage, major business improvements, immediate resource savings, greater sales conversion opportunities, streamlined operations and increased productivity.

At Fifth Ocean we believe in making things simpler for users, consumer and business alike. Our unique purpose-built technology and specialised expertise allow to reach digital transformation objectives in a highly agile, manageable and secure way. We have a proven track record of delivering transformative changes to Australian and overseas organisations.


Cost Reduction & Workflow Enhancement

Increased Profitability via Cost Reduction

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Engagement

Traditional multi channel to Digital Omni-channel

From Paper to Digital Transaction

Seamless System Integration

Transformation without Disruption

Fast Track Implementation & Deployment

Fast Track Implementation & Deployment

Discover the opportunities for digital transformation in your department today.

Discover the opportunities for digital transformation in your department today.


Business Enterprise Solutions

COVID-19 compliance

The solution helps businesses to comply with government prevention measures and stay COVID-safe.

Taking CCTV video streams as an input the system generates notifications when selected metrics fall outside of expected ranges or some other pre-defined criteria is met, it is also gives a big picture of crowd behavior to assist with management decisions.

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Franchise Management portal

Combining strong communication features with efficient task management tools the portal is a central communication hub for the company and its franchisees.

Marketing material, news, operational procedures, etc., as well assignments are all coming from one place, the portal, that removes confusion and streamlines business processes. Staff receives clear instructions on what's to be done and when it is due, and reports back on completion. Monitoring tools allow the management to keep track on what is accomplished and what is outstanding.

Smart e-Forms

Smart eForms platform for all online applications enable organisations to evolve to a paperless, environmentally friendly system that reduces overheads, streamlines business and creates greater customer satisfaction.

User benefits include total security, privacy and confidentiality, simple navigation and completion and built in error correction and validation. An application does not need to be completed in one sitting.  It can be saved part way through and stored for retrieval at another time.

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Visitor Insights For Venues

AI solution for Retail, Hospitality, Festivals & Events. It enables monitoring visitor metrics and staff productivity in real time as well as using gathered visitor statistics to help with business decisions.

  • Foot traffic count & venue occupancy
  • Time spent serving customers & rate of service
  • Queue count & wait times
  • Area, aisle & venue performance comparison
  • Heat maps to assess layout efficiency
  • Post-event or ongoing analysis reporting
  • Can be integrated with existing video stream equipment

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Employees undergoing training within an organisation are able to answer questions and submit information electronically.

Secured multi-tier access to appropriate course modules, assessment or report for students and supervisors.
Can be deployed in Intranet or Extranet.


Employee appraisals application is designed as paperless process whereby management evaluates and provides feedback on employee job performance.

Placed within company's Intranet, it gives its HR a tool that is configurable, easy to use and user-friendly. With multi-level setup it allows to built hierarchical performance review structures. Suitable for any organisation that regularly conducts employee appraisals.

CASE STUDIES and Fact Sheets

Learn more about Fifth Ocean Technologies solutions in real-life case studies below:

Case Study - Company Report Builder

Case Study - Company Report Builder

Working with a major government authority, Fifth Ocean Technologies was able to create customised SmartForms to completely digitise the traditional paper based board reports. The solution allowed easy compilation of a large number files and, once completed, secure distribution to selected members of boards or committees to display on their iPads.

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Fact Sheet - Smart Forms

Fact Sheet - Smart Forms

Learn about this powerful online tool that allows organisations to develop, deploy, maintain and effectively collect and process information from customers, employees and other stakeholders. Surveys, feedback collection, business-specific products and services are just some of the uses.

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Fact Sheet - Digital Transformation

Fact Sheet - Digital Transformation

The opportunity, benefits and need for organisations to ‘go digital’ has never been greater. Digital transformation is a process and whilst daunting to some there are resources and expertise along with technology is available to start the process and deliver results. This Fact Sheets outlines the fundamentals.

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