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Digital transformation is a major undertaking in Australian government. Figures produced by Delloitte Access Economics link show that Australians execute more than 800 million transactions with government agencies each year, with around 40% still completed via using traditional (non-digital) channels. Understanding behavior, expectations and impact of new connected citizen, meeting ever-tighter budget and capability constraints, risk management and resource allocation - these are the challenges the government agencies face.

From our experience digital transitioning in government can no longer be a traditional, large-scale, one-off transformation project. In many cases thinking beyond 'campaign mentality', continiously enabling new services and tuning existing ones while assessing the impact on citizens and business processes can bring more positive and faster results.

FifthOcean Technologies has over 6 years of specialised expertise in transitioning government agencies from paper-based processes into full online transactional environment. Most recent projects completed were for regulatory agencies and organisations operating in highly regulated environments. Low implementation costs and 100% on time deliveries is what sets us apart.


Streamlined public access and experience

Streamlined public access and experience

Productivity & workflow enhancements

Increase in productivity

Traditional multi channel to Digital Omni-channel

From Paper to Digital Transaction

Cost of delivery reduction

Reduction in cost of delivery

Visibility and Auditability of data

Visibility and Auditability of data

TransForm Engine - proven, reliable, efficient and powerful platform for delivering paperless solutions for the government.

TransForm Engine - proven, reliable, efficient and powerful platform for delivering paperless solutions for the government.

Solutions for the Government

COVID-19 compliance

The solution is based on Fifth Ocean's Visual Intellegence PLlatform and built to help organisations to stay COVID-safe.

Taking CCTV video streams as an input the system generates notifications when selected metrics fall outside of expected ranges or some other pre-defined criteria is met, it is also gives a big picture of crowd behavior to assist with management decisions.

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Collaborative Portal

A platform for knowledge sharing and easy access to a range of technical experts required to make decisions or solve problems. It has built-in financial model allowing revenue to meet operating costs.

The portal provides real-time two-way industry engagement focusing activities on topics of commercial relevance.

Managed by leaders, who approve membership requests and articles submitted for publication, receive questions from business users and redirect them to experts.

Smart e-Forms

Smart eForms platform for all online applications enable organisations to evolve to a paperless, environmentally friendly system that reduces overheads, streamlines business and creates greater customer satisfaction.

User benefits include total security, privacy and confidentiality, simple navigation and completion and built in error correction and validation. An application does not need to be completed in one sitting.  It can be saved part way through and stored for retrieval at another time.

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Visitor Insights For Venues

AI solution for Events & Physical Venues. It enables monitoring visitor metrics and staff productivity in real time as well as using gathered visitor statistics to help with business decisions.

  • Foot traffic count & venue occupancy
  • Time spent serving customers & rate of service
  • Queue count & wait times
  • Area, aisle & venue performance comparison
  • Heat maps to assess layout efficiency
  • Post-event or ongoing analysis reporting
  • Can be integrated with existing video stream equipment

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e-Careers portal

eCareers is fully functional portal for all your online job application processing needs, from designing the job postings to compiling all submitted resumes into one document making the decision process more efficent.

Highly customisable, it can be easily transformed to work in external/internal jobs mode.

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RIA provides a detailed and systematic appraisal of the potential impacts of a new regulation.

The need for RIA arises from the fact that regulations commonly have numerous impacts and that these are often difficult to foresee without detailed study and consultation with affected parties.

Councils and other government departments can deploy it in the extranet system, various levels of security can be initiated – by invitation only, open, closed, etc.

CASE STUDIES and Fact Sheets

Learn more about Fifth Ocean Technologies solutions in real-life case studies below:

White Paper - Moving Away from Paper Forms

White Paper - Moving Away from Paper Forms

This whitepaper conveys instructive, useful advice to start transitioning your organisation towards effective use of electronic forms. It brings your attention to a comprehensive suite of strategies and pitfalls to make the transition as predictable and pain-free as possible.

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Fact Sheet - Digital Transitioning for Regulatory Agencies

Fact Sheet - Digital Transitioning for Regulatory Agencies

Fifth Ocean Technologies has over 6 years of expertise in delivering solutions for regulators in Australia and overseas. This Fact Sheet lists products and features that are currently deployed and available for use by government regulatory agencies and other organisations that operate in highly regulated environments.

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Fact Sheet - Smart Forms

Fact Sheet - Smart Forms

Learn about this powerful online tool that allows organisations and government departments to develop, deploy, maintain and effectively collect and process information from customers, employees and other stakeholders. Surveys, feedback collection, business-specific products and services are just some of the uses.

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