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eCareers Portal

Online recruitment platform for your organisation

Fully functional portal solution for all your online job application processing needs, from designing the job postings to compiling all submitted resumes into one document making the decision process more efficent.

For Applicants

  • Access pending, current, closed vacancies at any time - from any device
  • Self-register and apply
  • Start job application on one device and continue on another later
  • No data loss, no matter what happens

For HR Managers

  • Create, edit and publish new vacancies 24X7
  • Create and maintain email templates for communication with applicants
  • Get real time picture of applications received
  • Ability to send emails individually or to all applicants
  • Audit of Vacancies published and Job Applications received
Another great feature that Human Resource Managers fell in love with - Job Position Report, a single document produced for a selected vacancy, incorporating:
  • vacancy description,
  • list of all applicants along with their:
    • contact details
    • application response
    • resume
The document is very easy to navigate as it is compiled as a PDF file with bookmarks to applicants' info.

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