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TransForm Engine

Enterprise Smart eForms Platform

A powerful single development environment and array of purpose built tools to create applications that transform traditional interactions to digital transactions.
Fifth Ocean’s unique TransForm Engine has been specifically designed to enable agile implementation of digital transformation strategy without disruption of business processes; this includes seamless integration with an existing ICT architecture.
TransForm Engine is a unique platform that provides a development and production environment for online solutions designed to transform interactions between people and systems into digital transactions. Examples of such interactions are application forms, registrations, surveys, permit and license requests, insurance or medical claims, discovery tools and wizards, training lessons, data collection, payments, access to job vacancies and applications, and others that involve initiation, submission and access by users online. TransForm Engine offers a single managed online environment with virtually unlimited solutions.
Fifth Ocean Technologies is dedicated to navigating business enterprises and government agencies in their journey of digital tranformation.


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  1. Designed to execute intelligent, user-centric, dynamic online forms.
  2. Highly customisable feel and look of visual representations and documents allowing full compliance with customer’s branding.
  3. Provides full compliance with federal Government privacy, confidentiality and security requirements.
  4. Provides dynamic and interactive interface with auto-saving capability, ability to suspend and resume online form at any time with zero data loss.
  5. Creates opportunities for building multi-user / multi-role collaboration capabilities.
  6. Embedded business rules allow for subsequent intelligent data entry based on previous application data submitted, field prepopulation from user & group profiles, online environment, HTTP session attributes, etc
  7. Allows for attachment of additional electronic documents with the ability to dynamically restrict total number of documents attached, types, and maximum size.
  8. Provides ability to execute custom workflows throughout the form lifecycle.

  1. Supports common templates, common workflows, design patterns for re-use.
  2. In-built version control and publishing mechanisms allows to execute a full forms development lifecycle i.e. development, unit-testing, pre-production testing and promotion to production without disruption of live data processing.
  3. Allows runtime status checking of associated forms, when multi-form application submission is required.
  4. Provides a service lookup capability and the ability to create a custom proxy for communication with external systems.
  5. Integrates with secure payment transactions using a range of hosted payment gateways.
  6. Provides explicit suspension and resumption with zero-data loss when the end user needs to work on several instances of the same form type.
  7. Supports form rendering into printable formats such as of applications, invoices, payment receipts, during form execution and post submission.
  8. Provides support for anonymous and authenticated users with additional data access features for authenticated users.
  9. Offers log, audit and report form submission events.
  10. Contains automated test execution, compliance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and form debugging/tracing facilities.
  11. Provides 2-way integration channels to allow client backend systems to pull/submit data from/to the form.
  12. Integrates with any of Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) compliant antivirus software to protect against malicious code, including the rejection or quarantine and destruction of uploaded attachments.
  13. Allows free text and pre-populated fixed field values to be applied, streamlining the user experience (using web services and database calls, runtime calculation invoking backend JavaScript engine, custom plugins).
  14. Makes solutions that are responsive in design delivering user experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  15. Optimised to reduce online processing and rendering time.
TransForm Engine

Visual Designer

TransForm Engine comes with Visual Designer, an intelligent web application that provides online form design functionality.
Efficient drag and drop interface ensures that forms of simple to medium complexity can be fully developed and maintained without users to need software development skills.
Visual Designer provides full capability of managing form field types, labels, description, associated features, location on a page or within the group, dynamic state management, rules for default and runtime population of values and options, layouts, validation rules and more.


The TransForm Engine platform provides the functionality to:
  • View information and details about form activity
  • View events for client agencies within the organisation’s domain
  • Configure parameters of system reports, allowing reporting of statistical information about selected system events from system logs
  • Provide reports about forms usage
  • View, save/delete or export report for a selected period
  • Save selected reports to a .csv / .xml file for subsequent external processing
  • Schedule the production and sending of reports
  • Obtain basic intelligence reports such as:
    • Form usage web analytics
    • Transactions processed
    • System performance
  • Ability to create and manage custom reports
  • Produce reports specific to a user’s client agency profile including specifying a single client agency or an array of agencies
  • Payment processing reports


The TransForm Engine platform provides the functionality to:
  • Store submission data from completed forms with full privacy and security
  • Manage and follow a retention policy for forms records
  • View and authorise viewing of form submissions and attachment
  • Automatically or manually resubmit/cancel a problem submission or workflow process
  • Monitor form submissions in real-time, submitted / in-progress or suspended, including access to entire form data in printed and/or online format
  • Sort and search key submission parameters, including status date, time, ID, payment details, form type and more
  • Re-issue a receipt to the client for payment record
  • View details of a payment received, method of payment, receipt number and more
  • View aggregated form submission history for logging and reporting
  • Provide system wide audit trials including logging access, updated and changes
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