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Digital Transformation Accelerator Program

Subscription-based Implementation Service

The main goal of DT Accelerator Program is to achieve controlled, repeatable and measured implementation process that can be executed within limited operational budgets.
To assists organisations in moving away from paper forms towards modern and efficient processes Fifth Ocean Technologies has developed a comprehensive Digital Transformation Accelerator Program. This program is based on our almost a decade-long of specialised expertise in transitioning government agencies from paper-based processes into full online transactional environments.

Team & Technology

Program joins together:
  • organisation experts that have comprehensive knowledge of application processes
  • implementation consultants that have many years of expertise in transitioning of paper/PDF documents into online forms, and have knowledge in usability, responsiveness (access on any web-enabled device), accessibility, smartforms and integration technology, front and back-end application processing, security, availability and maintainability
  • encompassing technology which will not only cover the requirements of application forms of any complexity but will also continually enhance existing business processes without any disruption

Planning & Implementation

All forms are categorised into groups: from simple to most complex. Effort is estimated for the implementation of an average form in each group, so you know upfront how much it will cost.

Subscription style engagement is based on monthly fee over each implementation timeframe, e.g. 6 months. This monthly budget will define the pace of the deployment.

The solution is built using our robust and innovative Enterprise SmartForms Platform - Transform Engine.

The application portal can be deployed on-cloud or in-house, subject to infrastructure available and integration needs.

Maintenance & Support

We provide on-going maintenance and support. A choice of plans is available for both on-cloud and in-house implementations.

We train your representative to cover Level1 support.

The support process is made extremely easy due to the Transform Engine's newly released in-built feature - Live Support - that replaces ‘blind’ assistance with 'I see what you do' online help.

We provide Level2 support. It is FREE for the duration of implementation subscription.

We also provide Level3 support when solution is based on our cloud infrustructure.

Digital Transformation Accelerator program gives your organisation an agile, iterative pathway to migrate your application processes online.

Contact us to learn more about how Fifth Ocean Technologies can help your organisation to increase service-level standards, improve interactions with citizens, and raise efficiency and transparency of your application process.

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