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Removing guesswork from your customer support

Sep 16, 2016

Removing guesswork from your customer support

Your organisation has extended application processes to allow for online submissions.
An applicant has started an online application and is having trouble with the form: not sure how to proceed or what to enter. Makes a phone call to your customer support team.

The customer support team starts asking questions:
- what are you doing?
- what do you see?
- could you please enter this and that … what do you see now?

Sounds familiar?

Every feature of TransForm Engine was born by addressing FifthOcean Technologies’ client challenges.


While providing support to applicants working on medium to large online application forms every organisation faces a number of challenges. The biggest obstacle is blind support, when an operator tries to find answers based on certain amount of guesswork.

It takes significant time to understand what is the customer actually working on, e.g.:

  • which page of a website
  • which form
  • which section of a form
  • which field of a form section
and then, when this is established, help them to navigate the form.

When organisation has a number of different application forms support team members may have no knowledge about the behaviour of every form.

As a result:

  • every support call is very expensive as it takes a quarter to half an hour to properly diagnose situation
  • support team members must have very detailed knowledge in every online application form, which in many cases is impossible
  • many organisations prefer to avoid live support and ask applicants to email them questions and screenshots


TransForm Engine ‘Live Support’ mode has become available in August 2016.

Using this mode, customer support operators can:

  • Find the application a customer is working on and enquiring about
  • Tune in into the customer’s application
  • Observe in real-time what the customer does right now
  • Guide the customer by telling him what to do exactly


If your organisation is interested in live demonstration of this feature please contact us.

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