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Using open-source Liferay as Online Application Portal

Sep 5, 2016

Using open-source Liferay as Online Application Portal

In Australia, councils (local government agencies) have 120-150 various application forms – registrations, permits, complaints – and in majority of cases only 5-10 of them have been migrated online.

Last week we have released one of our blueprints for using Liferay portal as Online Application platform.

This blueprint has been designed to assist government and private organisations in initial analysis of usability and functionality when they plan extending use of their Liferay installation towards real-time application processing.

Blueprint URL:

Main features of a blueprint:

  • full mobility: start application on one device and continue on another
  • advanced application form discovery (topics, intelligent keywords, previous searches, previous submissions, etc)
  • full self-service by the applicants
  • automatic maintenance of application data (data is not lost even if applicant’s computer crashes or applicant navigates away by mistake)
  • NEW FEATURE - “I can see what You see”, real-time access by support operators to applicant’s form, as an applicant keeps typing …

More information can be found here.

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