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SmartForms is available on Liferay Marketplace

May 23, 2018

SmartForms is available on Liferay Marketplace

SmartForms software is now available on Liferay Marketplace.

FifthOcean is committed to maintain SmartForms client software for all current and previous releases of Liferay portal, Community (CE) and Enterprise (EE) editions.

SmartForms for Liferay is a client software that is available for free downloading from Liferay Marketplace:

Liferay SmartForms

SmartForms Cloud is the electronic forms platform that allows you to create, execute and maintain online forms. Forms utilise data from Liferay portal environment such as user’s ID, name, roles, email, as well as custom fields, the page URL, HTTP query and session parameters, etc.

SmartForms Client is a suite of Liferay portlets that connect to SmartForms Cloud service. You can use the same SmartForms service simultaneously from within intranet, public and stakeholder websites.

Once you download and deploy SmartForms Client and sign up for the Smartforms Cloud service (with 30-day free trial) you will be able to create, test, release forms and let your customers start using them directly from your portal.

See the step-by-step tutorial at that shows how to get your first form up and running in 10 mins.

SmartForms feature highlights:

  • change management and version control
  • in-built testing environment
  • electronic records management
  • online drag-and-drop form designer
  • flexible business logic, dynamic state management, extensive data validation
  • form fields pre-filled using user and website environment data, JavaScript calculations, or through integration with external systems
  • additional processing using workflows
  • built-in facilities to access form data
  • white labelled, styling to your company brand

Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form designer in your browser allows creating forms with little to no coding experience.

Create and test forms on the same website where they will be used. Track and deliver changes to your forms in a safe and predictable manner with SmartForms’ version control and release history. Users stay with the version of the form they started with, so you can publish as many changes as you need, without fear of disruption.

With SmartForms’ dependable support the pressure is off. With all fixes and updates taken care of, you can sit back and enjoy offering your clients a great service.

Smartforms Cloud is flexible to create any type of form, from simple Contact Us form to a detailed, multi-page, with multiple uploads and complex business logic forms. Simple and fast to use by business people, it offers advanced features for developers.

Create wizards or learning tools, collect data, process requests, run survey campaigns, convert paper/PDF/DOC application forms to online smart forms or use forms as customer-facing front for your business applications – you can rely on Smartforms platform to deliver excellent performance.


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