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FifthOcean releases its SmartForms product to the Cloud

Apr 25, 2018

FifthOcean releases its SmartForms product to the Cloud

We have been working hard on bringing the great features of Smartforms to the Cloud version and are happy to announce that SmartForms Cloud services are up and running.

Up in the Cloud

SmartForms, an electronic forms platform, is the result of over 10 year experience in transitioning customer-faced paper-based processes into fully integrated and secure online environments.

Smartforms Cloud is Software as a Service solution for creating, executing and maintaining online forms. It is packed with features that make the forms truly intelligent, such as the ability to use information inside and outside the form to minimise errors and reduce the respondent’s workload, to respond to form-filler answers by presenting feedback and adapting itself to ensure that the respondent is not burdened with irrelevant questions, integration capabilities that allow prefilling of the form and applying rules based on external data.

Why Cloud?

Many articles were written about benefits of moving to the Cloud listing business agility, greater storage capacity and scalability opportunities, greater team productivity, exceptional capital savings and more. Cloud services help companies turn IT resources into a flexible, elastic, and self-service set of resources that they can more easily manage and scale to support changing business needs.

Maintenance and software costs form significant part of ICT expenditure. Organisations often get caught up in the upfront price of software and don’t realize the cost of ownership (support, additional hardware, updates). Cloud services allow you to pay for the resource usage you need while taking advantage of scale and reliability.

SmartForms Cloud’s pricing model is very simple – one monthly payment for unlimited number of forms, unlimited storage and unlimited number of users. And that includes form developers, testers and customers that will use the forms.

With SmartForms’ dependable support the pressure is off. With all fixes and updates taken care of, you can sit back and enjoy offering your clients a great service.

Serious Forms for Serious Business

SmartForms Cloud has distinctive features that make it the best tool for digitising business processes.

Change management and version control

Track and deliver changes to your forms in a safe and predictable manner with SmartForms’ version control and release history. With no downtime for form publishing customers will enjoy smooth, uninterrupted service.

SmartForms allows a form to exist in several versions at the same time. Customers can stay safely ensconced in the version of the form they started, completely isolated from any disruptions.

Single Service, Many Platforms

Use the same SmartForms Cloud service simultaneously from within intranet & office, public and stakeholder websites.

Create a form once, place it on your different websites and the form will adapt itself to their user and website environment.

In-built testing environment

No need for costly staging environment, SmartForms let you create and test forms on the same website where they will be used.
Testing in the same environment guarantees there will be no surprises when a form goes live.

Electronic records management

You have full control over submitted form data. You decide for how long the records should be kept by setting up retention policies. Delete the records whenever you want using SmartForms API.

Built-in facilities to access form data

Quickly set up access to submitted forms for the right people, with search facilities and automatically generated PDF document for each submission containing all user entries.

Smartforms Cloud is flexible to create any type of form, from simple Contact Us form to a detailed, multi-page, with multiple uploads and complex business logic forms. Simple and fast to use by business people, it offers advanced features for developers.

Create wizards or learning tools, collect data, process requests, run survey campaigns, convert paper/PDF/DOC application forms to online smart forms or use forms as customer-facing front for your business applications – you can rely on Smartforms platform to deliver excellent performance.

Try SmartForms Cloud today, service subscription includes 30-days free trial, no credit card details asked!


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