Our Co-Spaces framework is upgraded to work with Liferay DXP

Oct 23, 2017

Our Co-Spaces framework is upgraded to work with Liferay DXP

Fifth Ocean Technologies Co-Spaces framework is upgraded to work with Liferay DXP.

FifthOcean’s Co-spaces framework implements non-disruptive approach to extending Liferay. Designed as a composite model, the framework expands Liferay’s functionality by adding new features, not overriding Liferay services. The Co-spaces framework now can work with Liferay DXP fully supporting OSGI containers.

Co-spaces framework has been also aligned to work with the latest version of FifthOcean Smartforms, which together with Payment facilities makes it well suited for a variety of projects.

As, for example, our current project. The purpose of the project is to bring together stakeholders of a particular industry, to share industry knowledge, advance innovation and help with practical solutions. Portal community consists of a number of groups that offer different types of benefits to their members (business users, consultants, experts, scientists, mentors). Special Moderator group coordinates/approves the portal activities.

Combining the power of Smartforms Cloud (data collection forms), Co-spaces framework (Entity Model, Mutation Listeners, Portlets) and Liferay core functions (Sites, Users, User Group, Roles, Security, Permissions) we have built the collaboration portal that brings rich functionality to its members and has the flexibility to be adapted to any industry.

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