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How to cut processing times from 2 weeks to 2 days and overall effort by the factor of 10

Jul 11, 2014

How to cut processing times from 2 weeks to 2 days and overall effort by the factor of 10

Simple and fast digital transformation project cuts staff effort by 10 times and delivery time by a factor of 5.


Once a month, the state government regulatory authority board members meet to discuss a range of items and review a large number of documents. Secretariat staff had to spend hours physically collecting papers from a number of sources, compile the reports and print and copy huge folders of papers for distribution to various regions of the state prior to the meetings. Not only was this an incredibly cumbersome task but handling process this way also posed a significant security risk, with printed papers being easily accessed by non authorised individuals.


As the agency was already using TransForm Engine on the intranet portal, a quick project team was esabilished with the purpose of assessing whether multiple requirements could be addressed at once and in a short timeframe (budget is always an issue, even for a government organisation).

Working with the authority, FiftheOcean team was able to suggest an approach that would meet all requirements. This solution would allow easy compilation of a large number of files and, once completed, to securely deliver the information to selected members of an executive board or committees for display on their customised iPads. Added notes and information editing could be updated immediately, in real time and shared. Members could achieve a sense of connectedness, increased information accessibility, costs are slashed, carbon footprint minimized – everyone is happy.


In the inaugural year using the facility, board members and secretariat staff unanimously agreed the Company Report Builder was technology they were pleased to leverage. The time saving and security benefits were some of the successful outcomes delivered for the Board Members. The amount of hardcopy documents produced has been dramatically decreased and board members noticed an improvement in information sharing and sense of collaboration.

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