Artificial Intelligence in Store Navigation

AI Case Study: Shelf Navigation

Just imagine, you are in a large retail store or warehouse and need to find a specific product item …

You have several options:

  • follow the signs,
  • wait for a shop assistant for guidance, or
  • browse through entire store

How about another option: take your phone out of pocket and turn the video camera on? The below video demonstrates how AI Model assist in finding a product on the shelf in a pharmacy outlet.

Thanks to Fifth Ocean’s unique data synthesis technology only a few images for each product type were used to achieve sufficient training of the AI model. We are happy to report that AI confidence level for each product instance detection was above 99.95%.

(This is an ongoing project, please check with us later to view the development progress.)

Skip to relevant parts of the video by selecting below.

0:00 Start of the recording. Camera has started moving towards the target product.
0:30 Target product is detected.
0:38 Target product is lost. Camera has started moving away from the target product.
0:43 Camera has started moving towards the target product.
0:50 Target product is detected.
1:15 End of recording.

This AI case study has been conducted in Australia, Melbourne by FifthOcean and Nola, a foot traffic counter & visitor analytics solution for retailers, venues & events.