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AI Case Study: Shelf Navigation

Just imagine, you are in a large retail store or warehouse and need to find a specific product item …

You have several options:

  • follow the signs,
  • wait for a shop assistant for guidance, or
  • browse through entire store

How about another option: take your phone out of pocket and turn the video camera on? The below video demonstrates how AI Model assist in finding a product on the shelf in a pharmacy outlet.

(This is an ongoing project, please check with us later to view the development progress.)

Skip to relevant parts of the video by selecting below.

0:00 Start of the recording. Camera has started moving towards the target product.
0:30 Target product is detected.
0:38 Target product is lost. Camera has started moving away from the target product.
0:43 Camera has started moving towards the target product.
0:50 Target product is detected.
1:15 End of recording.