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AI Case Study: OH&S Compliance Monitoring

It is hard to equate profitability with spending money on efforts to achieve compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Standards. However failing to adhere to such standards has a direct impact on profitability and the business’s bottom line.

The purpose of this R&D project is an implementation of an AI-based system prototype that:

  • is capable of monitoring operational compliance to safety standards in real time,
  • brings installation and ongoing costs to a level where it can be used my small and medium businesses.

We have developed an AI model that is capable of recognising, identifying and analysing people, safety gear and safety protection zones.

The below video demonstrates how our AI model responds to person movement across several protection zones in construction environment. Safety non-compliance alert is automatically generated when person is detected inside a safety protection zone not wearing safety gear as required for this zone.

Skip to relevant parts of the video by selecting below.

0:00 Start of the recording. 'High Visibility' zone is detected. Person is outside this area.
0:02 'Head Protection' zone is detected.
0:03 Person walks into 'High Visiblity' zone. Non-Compliance 'High Visiblity Clothing' Alert is generated.
0:07 Person puts on high-visibility yellow vest.
0:15 High visiblity clothing on person is detected, Non-Compliance alert is cleared.
0:19 'Respiratory Protection' zone is detected.
0:20 Person walks into 'Head Protection' zone. Non-Compliance 'Head Protection' Alert is generated.
0:25 Person puts on red hard hat, Non-Compliance alert is cleared.
0:29 Person walks into 'Respiratory Protection' zone. Non-Compliance 'Respiratory Protection' Alert is generated.
0:40 Person puts on respiratory mask, Non-Compliance alert is cleared.
0:50 End of recording.